THAT’S IT! Manuel Salvat & Thomas Jocher with Romain Baujard and Hervé Humbert

Opening Thursday, 11.5, 2017, 7 – 10 pm
12.5 – 3.6 2017, Thu – Fri, 3 – 7 pm

The three artists Thomas Jocher, Romain Baujard and Hervé Humbert present the exhibition THAT'S IT! as an homage to their recently departed friend, the artist Manuel Salvat.

In an attempt to confront the sudden absence of Manuel, the artists have taken his unfinished work as their point of departure. Together, they address the question of how to respond to a body of work that has been orphaned by its maker.

Thanx to Pierre Granoux
special thanks to :
Solène Salvat, Maryse Salvat, Laurent Bourderon, Vanessa Henn, Sebastian Mayer, Tania Inowlocki

The show will be the first in a series of exhibitions that will take place in October 2017 in Marseilles and in January 2018 in Arles.

Photos by Thomas Jocher
Manuel & Thomas, RB et Hervé
That's Him, Huile sur toile
Thomas Jocher
THAT‘S IT!, 2017 Video HD 18'
RB, Hervé Humbert, Thomas Jocher
MANUEL, 2016
Hervé Humbert